The 3I Formula 6 Strategies that will amplify your results as a coach, and supercharge your coaching business in 12 weeks
Join my certification program to master these key strategies, offer high ticket coaching services to impact your clients positively, empower them, and become one of the best life and success coaches in the world.
You have the knowledge, experience, and passion for helping other people; let's use that to build a coaching business that accelerates your professional and personal success.
Advanced NLP Training
Align your coaching services according to the latest trends and systems in the NLP approach to life and success coaching.
Step by Step Training
Get comprehensive step-by-step training from creating your coaching business to ensuring client satisfaction.
Proven Success Roadmap
Discover the key ingredients of success, see them in action and learn to use them in your coaching services.
Deep Rooted Learning
Master the skills and strategies that enable your clients to experience results and make them want to work with you even more.
Result Driven Resources
Packed with guides and resources to manage everything in your business, including leads, clients, business development, and results.
I know what you are wondering…
What are the 3I Formula and the 6 key strategies I mentioned earlier? First, let's talk about the 3I Formula:
As a coach, you want to Impact your clients' lives and help them, but you also want it to give you Income that can offer you financial Independence. If you are not earning enough money, you cannot provide quality coaching services to your clients, and ultimately, you will be out of business.

We have blended the 3 'I's of your purpose in this certification program so that by the time you are complete this course, you have a clear vision and a roadmap of achieving your 3 goals!

But. This begs 2 questions… First is, won't you be making an impact by offering coaching services, the answer to which is NO. The second is how you achieve your 3I goals, which I will discuss in the lower portion of this page.
Let's talking about the Impact; if you just Google Coaching Services Near Me, you will probably get more than 1000 results.

Apparently, everyone wants to be a coach, but not everyone can be a skillful coach who can help people get results. 

That is why you can't just offer life and success coaching services and be like thousands of other coaches out there. You have to stand apart from them and have a strategy that ensures quick and lasting success.
A 12-Weeks, 3I Formula and 6-Stage Training And Certification Program For
Coaches That Gives You The Tools And Techniques Required For Coaching In 2021 And Beyond.
This certification is for you if:
  • You want to help people transform their lives.
  • ​You believe that you must share goodness with your community.
  • ​You want to be a beacon of hope and guidance for others.
  • ​You want to share your knowledge and wisdom.
  • You wish to help ease pain and comfort others when they need you.
  • ​You feel responsible for helping others build relationships, lives, and careers.
  • ​You want to guide people in finding solutions to their problems.
  • Want others to learn from your mistakes.
Before we move on, I want to clarify one thing here,

To help, guide, and mentor others to wellness and happiness, you must understand their problems and pains and lead them to a solution. This is where NLP comes in, which empowers you to be that person…

NLP has been around since the 1980s. It has proven to be a handy tool for coaches.

However, the way technology and our lifestyles have changed, NLP has also evolved. It is entirely different from what it was 30 years ago.

You can be a NLP practicing coach but have zero effectiveness. In this certification program, you will be learning the latest NLP approaches.
Master the Art of Influencing Action
You can be a successful coach only if you can emotionally connect with your clients.

You may have great content in your coaching, but if your sessions don't make your clients connected and related, they won't feel the drive to take action. And if your clients are not taking action, your coaching isn't working.

One of the goals of this coaching certification is to help you understand how a human mind works in different situations, and educate you on how you can manipulate it naturally to take action.

Imagine the possibilities of success and growth you can have if you can connect with people mentally and emotionally. Your words become the most important words for them, making them feel compelled to take control and take action.
As A Coach, Your Primary Goal Is To Create A Deep-Rooted Desire To Achieve Success.
Knowing about NLP is one thing; being able to use it in your coaching is entirely different. You will hear coaches talk about Neuro-Linguistic Programming in their coaching sessions, but they rarely know how to use it. The thing is that NLP's form has completely changed from what it was nearly two decades earlier.

Today, people have shorter attention spans, the elements of distraction and focus disruption are so many that it is impossible to use the old NLP strategies in coaching. In addition to learning the art of influence, we will dive deep into human psychology, understand how it operates today. It will give you a deep insight into the latest trends in NLP and its way forward.

This certification is 2021 and beyond, so we cannot use coaching techniques that work for some and not for many. Therefore, you will be learning the most recent and advanced developments in coaching and NLP.
Now, Coming to the 6-strategies of Coaching Success:
These 6 strategies focus on the productivity side of your coaching program. Every coach I have come across is an empath and very compassionate. You can be excellent at helping people, but most coaches don't know how to make it happen when setting and charging a fee.

It is falsely believed that it wouldn't be called helping others when you are charging a fee for it.

On the other hand, you surely want to charge top dollar for your services, call it help and make your clients feel indebted for having your time! To master this, you have to master the 6 Key Strategies of Coaching Success!
The coaching business is not just about talking to people, guiding and mentoring
them, and giving public talks; it has become a leading and the most thriving business niche. If you simply offer your coaching services, you will be just another coach on the bandwagon.

You must position your services as unique and exceptional in every way possible. Then, the stories you tell to connect and engage, the lessons and guidance you instill in your audience, and the strategies you use to compel action and make them get results, you have to understand everything, offer a unique experience, and make your clients feel elevated to an entirely new level. Together, we will develop a strategy to set you apart and create a process that delights your clients way before they book an appointment with you.
From offering your coaching services to getting paid, you and your clients go through a series of steps. Planning every step of the process and developing a strategy that helps you organize your tasks from A to Z is imperative.

How do you get clients, how to advertise and brand your services, the content you
have to offer, the value you give, the process you give to your clients, and making
sure they take action, all of this requires smart planning and strategy.

We will take a deep dive into your business and create a model that aligns with your lifestyle, your goals while maintaining its exclusivity. Marketing, branding, lead
generation, client acquisition and retention, and most importantly, making sure your model is profitable, we will develop a strategy to ensure your success.
There is nothing more important than providing the assured value to your clients. However, they want exclusive content and value every time they have a session with you. A content and value block can happen even to vastly experienced coaches. There is a complete science of curating ideas, building stories that make your clients want to listen to you, and developing mindsets that crave action.

Coaching is not limited to guiding people who want help; it is more about coming with ideas and solutions that can bring transformational changes in your clients' lives. And this can happen when you offer a content experience that is beyond expectations. This level of value delivery won't just start happening, it requires a system, and I have a strategy that will build that system for you.
You cannot change the world, but if you can change the world for two people, and
that two help two more, that chain of goodness will change the world. So, which two are those people? As a coach, you want to help as many people as possible, but you also have limitations. You can help a particular class of people better than the rest.

Together, we will discover those people so that you can help them in the most
transformative way possible.

We have dedicated a complete module in this certification that will help you find your ideal audience. You will get all the tools, resources, and guidance to understand that audience, attract them to your coaching service and offer them the opportunity to experience coaching excellence.
Taking help from a coach is not someone's first choice; it is their last resort. So, by the time people come to you for help, they have exhausted most of the standard solutions, and now they need help – FAST!

90% of the people will be mentally and emotionally frustrated to the level that they don't know what else to do in their lives. Your job as a coach is to help them and make them experience results right away.

In addition to implementing advanced NLP techniques, you will also learn to evaluate your clients' problem areas and develop result-oriented solutions right away. By doing this, you will position yourself as the most reliable resource of help and guidance.
In addition to becoming a certified coach, you will understand the coaching business
as a system, which you can scale up. The idea is to keep repeating the success
systems until you have everything in place, then take your business to the next level.
Your first goal will be to have one paying client, then two, then four, and you can
keep growing your business until you have your ideal flow of Income.
I have created this certification program to help you become proficient in every aspect of becoming a successful coach.

Don't Just Take My Word For it

Check Out What Other Coaches Are Saying About Kody.
Being able to dissect the process can up your game by 100. Thanks to him, I doubled my income. If you want to learn how impact multiple aspects of your sales game Kody’s your guy. - Noah
Sarah runs group coaching for 6 figure+ coaches, she was at a sticking point in scaling her business and she gained MASSIVE confidence in her offer resulting in more clients, and more revenue. - Sarah
I have created this certification program to help you become proficient in every aspect of becoming a successful coach.
  • Learn beginner to advanced NLP strategies according to the latest trends.
  • ​Discover the secrets of emotional and mental connection with your clients.
  • ​Rediscover coaching as a service and as a business.
  • ​Learn about the tools and resources you need as a life coach.
  • ​Master the art of understanding problems and developing solutions.
  • ​Creating strategies that empower your clients to get results.
  • ​The do's and don'ts of a high-ticket coaching business.
  • ​And a lot more unique and helpful content.
This is the only program that offers you a complete package, training you as an effective coach having an efficient business model.
Do You Want To Be The Best Coach In The World? Then Let's Start
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